Friday, October 11, 2019

Natural Skin Care Tips to follow this fall

With fall here it is so important to make sure that you and your skin are ready for the changes in climate and air quality as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop it is important to make sure that your skin care routine changes with the seasons to prepare for the upcoming challenges of the new climate and temperatures. 

Here are some natural skin care tips to follow this fall that can help you to maintain a healthy glow. 

In Summer, we focus on keeping our skin hydrated in the heat and also on protecting it from exposure so it doesn’t get damaged by the Sun's harmful rays. Autumn conditions bring with it equally challenging situations that we frequently tend to overlook as we are not so focused on sun  damage and hydration. 

A big challenge that fall weather can have on our skin, is frequent fluctuations in temperature or precipitation. The weather tends to cool, but can definitely rise up to some of the summer temperatures our skin is used to. In Calgary this is nothing new. With temperatures changing by the hour, it is even more important for us to maintain a healthy beauty schedule for our skin.

Stronger and colder winds start to build as the seasons change, and we know that this can really affect how your skin reacts and responds. We need to develop a versatile and healthy skin care routine that is not so overwhelming you don’t end up following it. There are many very simple tips that you can keep in mind to make sure that your skin stays happy and healthy through this transitional season and you maintain a healthy glow.

You may feel that your skin is less clammy or covered in product like sunscreens from the summer. Already your skin is going to feel different and you may be using less cleansers and scrubs because you aren’t using as many creams and sunscreens as in previous months. However if you are maintaining a very rigid scrubbing and cleansing schedule, you may want to consider backing off and using a little less on your face as there is a lot for your skin to deal with during the season change, and excessive exfoliation can add to any dryness or flaking you may experience. Consider using a lighter or more gentle cleanser and reducing the amount of times you exfoliate per week. 

The best natural skin care products that you can use are also more effective when you use them gently in the fall. Good skin care products are designed specifically to deal with the season changes and give your skin what it needs when the time comes. 

During the autumn months, be kind to your skin to keep hydrated but remember to have a routine for gentle exfoliation when required to make sure that you excess skin is shed and you maintain a healthy glow. Your skin will be shedding summer tans and building a defense against the dropping 
temperatures and winds, so its time to remove, shed and expose your fresh clean skin. Your skin will be slightly more dehydrated than in the summer as well so it’s very important to make sure that you help your skin to remove the dead layers and stay fresh. 

Moisture is key. Remember to hydrate with the best natural skincare products that you can afford and keep your beauty regime on target. Moisturizing from the outside is important as you can replenish your skin with extra vitamins and collagen that can improve your skins appearance. You can also add some spf moisturizer to keep your skin safe during the sunny days. In Alberta we have a lot more sun than in many other parts of the world so finding skincare that contains spf protection is very important. Not only will it protect you from cancers and dangerous issues that can be caused from the sun, but it will prevent any cosmetic damage such as a sunburn, permanent sunspots and premature aging. 

Don’t forget the lip care! Find a good natural chap stick product that moisturises and keeps your lips from cracking and getting sore. Natural skincare products are always better than highly processed and chemical ones. 

They will be easier on your skin and gentler for your body to absorb. You must also remember to moisturize and care for your hands. Our hands do so much for us and are the first things to be exposed to harsher elements.

We regularly place our hands in detergents, use harsh soaps when it cant be avoided and use our hands all day causing the skin to build calluses and toughen up to the elements. Taking good care of the skin on your hands can help to prevent them from drying and cracking and it is great preparation for the harsher colder months when even more damage can occur.

Remember that the majority of hydration and health for our skin comes from within. It is important to hydrate frequently. Drink lots of water and healthy drinks. Avoid alcohol and smoking, which can both rapidly increase the signs of aging and damage. 

Smoking also reduces the flow of blood to the surface of the skin causing it to lose its colour and natural healthy glow. D  rink lots of water and eat as much healthy food that will deliver natural vita

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